Eternity roses are real roses grown in garden factories, that have been preserved through a drying process. The colour of the roses are then taken out and then re-coloured with natural dyes. This process preserves the roses and they can last between 3-5 years if kept in good conditions.

The roses are scented with elegant rose oil as the roses lose their scent during the preservation process.

Q. Are the eternity roses real flowers?
Yes! Our preserved roses are made from 100% natural, fresh flowers, processed by innovative technology. 

Q. Are the eternity roses dyed?
The roses are real, but in order to obtain the vibrancy of the colours, the base flowers are dyed shortly after harvest using non-toxic dyes.

Q. How long do the eternity roses last for?

Generally, the eternity roses can last for 3 to 5 years in dry room conditions. The longevity of the roses vary in different environmental conditions- heating, air conditioning and humidity can affect the beauty of your roses.

Simply follow these 3 rules for your roses to last longer:

  • Don't touch them
  • No direct sunlight/heat sources (do not put them outside!)
  • No water/dampness

    If the roses are placed in very damp conditions, the longevity of the roses would be shorter: approximately 1 to 3 years.

    Touching your preserved flowers can cause them to tear and become fragile, so we recommend limited touching, to allow your roses to last as long as possible.

    Q. Can I take the roses out of their box?

    The eternity roses can be easily damaged by removing them so to avoid disappointment, the roses have been securely fastened into the boxes.

    Our stunning diamond-cut heart-shaped boxes are the perfect way to display the roses, so we’re confident you’ll find an arrangement that you love.

    Q. Why have the petals on my eternity roses become transparent? How do I solve this problem?
    Eternity roses stored in damp conditions can become transparent. All you need to do is just blow it gently for a few minutes with a hairdryer on low heat, 20cm away from the roses.

    Q.  Will my order look like the photos?

    We assure you that you will receive a product that looks as close as possible to the photos on our website. However, roses are natural and each rose head is unique - please bear in mind that some of the roses can have small tears in the petals, however we will always strive to deliver the most beautiful roses to you.

    Q. Do these roses die?

    Unlike fresh flowers, our eternity roses don’t die but will eventually, (after many years) dry out causing cracks and tears in the petals. The vibrancy of the colour will also start to fade.

    Q. Do the roses still smell?

    During the preservation process, the natural scent of the roses is permanently removed however the eternity roses have been scented with rose-hip oil for your enjoyment.