Q. Can you help me make the video for the Video Love Box?

Yes! Contact us to tell us how we can help! 

Telephone: 0204 509 1164

Email: support@chapterlove.co.uk 

Messages: Via Instagram Messaging

All you need to have ready, are the videos and photos that you would like to see on the Video Love Box. You can also upload a music file or let us know if you would like us to add some royalty-free music for you (for free!) 

Q. How do you create the videos for us?

We will use your files you have uploaded and contact you to check we have the files in the correct order. We can add music, add transitions and text as you wish! We also send you one preview video before it is all finalised to ensure your satisfaction.

Q. Can the video box play sound?

Yes! The video box can play sound through its speakers. There is also a volume button.

Q. What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded? 

If we upload the videos for you onto the box before it arrives, you can upload a movie of any size that is up to 15mins of video. We can compress the files for you to guarantee it fits into the box! However, if you are uploading the video yourselves, there is a limit of approx. 95MB on the box which is the equivalent to approx. 3mins of good quality video.

Q. Can I upload my own video into the Video Love Box?

Yes, you can upload a video via the USB cable. We recommend that we upload the video(s) for you in case the video(s) you have is in the incorrect format/ upside down etc. and we can easily fix it for you so it plays the correct way in the Video Love Box. We can also compress large video files for you.

Q. Can I change the video when it arrives?

Of course, simply connect the Love Box to a computer via the USB cable. Find the folder and open the folder called 'Video'. You can add/ delete videos here. You may need to re-format the drive on a computer using iOS software such as MACS. Contact us for support if you do need to reformat!

Q.How long does the battery work and how do I charge it?

Normally 500mah battery can last for approx. 80 minutes. A 1200mah lithium battery can work for approx. 180mins. Charge for 2.5 hours for a full charge and upload by using the USB cable.

Q. How long is the warranty?

We provide 1 year warranty for all the video boxes.

Don't forget to remove the clear screen protector!